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Club Miata Vancouver Island started in 1990
with inspiration from the many
Washington State's Club Miata NorthWest events.

Vancouver Island is on the West Coast of Canada, in the Province of British Columbia.

Our Island boasts a population in excess of 850,000 (2021).

The Island is approximately 460 kilometres (285 mi) long and 160 kilometres (100 mi) wide.

Our Club's goal is promoting enthusiasm for the Miata ownership experience through driving events, activities, and social gatherings. These ideals continue to be the key to our success as consistently +30 cars are in our Club.

We're a very casual group; we have one formal meeting a year and we meet casually the first Wednesday of each month.

We encourage all members to get involved in planning various activities and runs.

The Best Upgrade to your Mazda Miata would be to join Club Miata Vancouver Island!

Why not join us for a top down drive?



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